Anna Glover

Jungle Tank

JUNGLE TANK: Exploring Process & Identity

DESIGN MUSEUM | Shad Thames | London | SE1 2YD| 8th October - 1st December 2014

Following the recent success of the Jungle Room, both Anna Glover and Temper were asked to take over the Design Museum tank. 

On the banks of the river Thames, in front of the world's leading museum devoted to contemporary design, is a glimpse behind the scenes of two emerging British design studios. 

Whilst Temper's quiet minimalism contrasts against Anna Glover's decorative exuberance, this display celebrates a shared intimacy in design process.

At one end of the tank is Temper’s workbench and tools, at the other is Anna Glover’s drawing table. In the middle they meet to display finished pieces of exceptional quality and intriguing individuality.